Key facts

  • Independent assessments are free.
  • An independent assessment will take 1 – 4 hours.
  • You can choose to have it at a place that suits you, or by video call.
  • The results of your assessment will help us work out your NDIS supports and budget.

Independent assessments provide you and the NDIS with an understanding of your functional capacity. Things like how well you are able to function at home and in the community, as well as the overall impact your disability has on your life. 

When you need an independent assessment, we will refer you to an independent assessor, who will organise a time with you. Some assessments might need input from your parent/guardian or nominee.

You can choose to have your assessment done at a place that suits you, or by video call if you have an appropriate internet connection and device – like a tablet or computer with a camera.  

Your assessment will be free. The assessment will take 1 – 4 hours. You can choose to do the assessment in the way that best suits you, like on the same day, or over a number of days.

You can have someone with you when you do your assessment, like a family member or support worker. 

The assessor will ask you questions about your life and what matters to you, and ask to see how you approach some everyday tasks. They will work through some standardised assessment tools with you, based on your age or disability. 

The results of your independent assessment will be sent to us when it’s done, and your planner or LAC will talk to you about your results in your planning meeting. Your independent assessment will be used to identify possible supports and your NDIS budget.

You can request a copy of your independent assessment for your records

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