It is important that when you create a goal that you also have a strategy in mind as to how this can be achieved. 


The following are examples:

  • I want to choose my own team of support workers; at home, in the community or both
  • I want to be doing things that interest and stimulate me
  • I will need support to read or write in my course4
  • Assistance from a support worker to attend to my personal care needs each morning/evening
  • Assistance from a support worker to help me to learn budgeting or how to organise my time and day
  • I would like my home or car to be modified to enable me to live and drive independently
  • I would like support to learn how to cook healthy meals
  • I would like support to learn to travel on public transport independently
  • Strategies to be implemented to assist me to learn about social skills and relationships
  • I would like support to cook healthier meals in my own home or access a dietician consultation
  • I would like to access a personal trainer to assist me with my weight goals
  • I would like assistance to find work in my local area
  • Participate in work skills programs or courses
  • Assistance to find volunteering or work experience options to build on my skills
  • Assistance to shop in my local neighbourhood
  • Assistance from a support worker to access local events and concerts etc
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