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If you disagree with what’s in your plan


If you disagree or are unhappy with the goals in your plan, these can be changed at any time. Your ecei Coordinator, lac or NDIA Planner will help you change them immediately.

Decisions that are made about supports in your NDIS plan are always made using the reasonable and necessary criteria from the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013. To find more information about NDIS Legislation visit

If you think an NDIA decision is wrong, you can request an internal review of a decision.

There is a list of ‘reviewable decisions’ in the NDIA Act. If the NDIA makes a decision from this list, you can request an internal review of that decision. Many decisions the NDIA makes are reviewable.

Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • whether a person is eligible to access the Scheme
  • the supports a person receives under the Scheme
  • whether a participant’s NDIS plan is reviewed
  • withdrawal of access to the Scheme.

Your ecei Coordinator, lac or the NDIA can explain how to do this and can put you in touch with advocates who can help you with this process. A request for an internal review can only be made within three months of receiving the decision you would like reviewed. For example your plan or a letter declining your request to change your plan.

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