Assistance with Social, Community and Recreational Participation


Assistance with Social, Economic and Community Participation

The newest section is the Economic, and this refers to Employment Assistance.

Source: PB Price Guide 2020-21 v1.0.9 PDF.pdf

Supports in Employment

While some participants, with supports offered through DES or employer reasonable adjustment, will successfully maintain work, others will need higher intensity, often daily, support delivered in the workplace to maintain employment. These supports have typically been available in an Australian Disability Enterprise. They can also be used in a range of employment settings including: private, government or not for profit organisations; a social enterprise or similar environment; self-employment or a micro-business; or a family run business.

Specialised Supported Employment

These support items are for participants who are employed and who are less independent in performing their work tasks or need frequent prompting and coaching to stay on track, communicate with others, or manage their behaviours.

Supports may be provided one to one or within a group-based setting, complimenting existing or expected employer supports, and claimed according to the intensity and frequency of supports delivered to achieve employment goals. Supports can include:

These support items can be delivered to individual participants or to groups of participants subject to the rules set out in this Price Guide.” 

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